The Play Shed

The Play Shed is situated just up the road from Friends Day Centre at the beautiful Oude Moulen Eco Village in Alexandra Road, Pinelands. 

The Play Shed has a secure indoor & outdoor play area. Suitable for the younger children aged 7 months to 12 years.

They have a variety of educational toys, a play kitchen, a dress-up section, a baby coop (with a ball pond), and a large indoor jungle gym with a slide landing in a large ball pond. Outside there is a tree house, bike track, and many more things to do.

While your little ones are enjoying the facility they have a small coffee shop inside where you can enjoy a slice of cake and a cup of tea or a nice warm toasted sandwich. 

The Play Shed hosts children's parties and caters accordingly for both adults and children.
Although they can cater to their Halaal customers, their kitchen is not Halaal. This means that any platters that are ordered in for parties etc are ordered in from a 100% Halaal kitchen.

Prices are charged on an age-per-hour basis:

0 - 6 Months - 1st hour Free thereafter per 1/2 Hour Free
7 - 12 Months - 1st hour R40  thereafter per 1/2 Hour R17
1 - 2 Years  - 1st hour R45  thereafter per 1/2 Hour R20
3 - 12 Years  - 1st hour R50  thereafter per 1/2 Hour R22

Half hour only - R30

Tel:  +27 72 242 0263
Facebook:  @theplayshed