The Alpaca Loom

One of the Capes hidden gems is The Alpaca Loom is just a short drive up the N1 before Paarl. Situated on a lush green farm on the Suid Agter Paarl Road.  The farm has a large Alpaca herd and is home to over 300 animals. Alpacas are bred mainly for their soft wool.

Around the world, Alpacas are effective therapy animals for kids and adults on the autism spectrum. Interacting with alpacas and other therapy animals can have a calming, centering effect for people on the spectrum, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and help teach interpersonal skills.  Please note the Alpaca Loom does not offer therapy services but they do have a Barn Tour as well as the Alpaca Walk and a Petting Zoo.

The Alpaca Loom Barn Tour is where you can meet the resident Alpaca Herd including the youngest Crias and one of the animal handlers will tell you a bit about the alpacas.  The last of the crias (babies) of the season has just been born recently. The tour takes place hourly every day on the hour. The duration of the Barn Tour is 45 - 60 minutes and the cost is R100 for adults and R70 for children, kids under 3 are free, included is entry into the petting zoo.

The Petty Zoo is open at all times to feed the Alpaca's, Entrance fee R20 and R20 for a cup of alpaca feed where you can interact with the alpacas.  The petting zoo now not only features alpacas but llamas (with brand new llama crias (babies)), dromedaries and donkeys, as well as angora goats and skilder bokke, Awassi sheep and a pony. Not to forget the chicken, geese and peacocks roaming about.

The Alpaca Walk is a guided walk accompanied by the woolly Alpaca's. Here you can explore the farm and its surroundings while being offered a little more insights into the fascinating world of Alpacas.

The farm is wheelchair friendly with ramps leading into the shop as well as the petting zoo but being a farm please expect to be a bit adventurous with the ground not being smooth and even however you can still move around quite freely. There are wheelchair-friendly restrooms

The retail shop has lovely woven knitwear as well as Alpaca merchandise available

Once you have finished feeding the Alpaca's it's time to stop at the coffee shop, where you will find hot and cold beverages, muffins, a small selection of cake and pies, quiches and toasties. On weekends they also have croissants available. Social distancing must be ensured at all times. Entry to the coffee shop & weaving studio is free of charge. 

Please note that you will need to wear a mask in the shop at all times, sanitize hands on arrival and also fill in a screening form. Social distancing must be adhered to at all times.

Open daily 09:30 – 17:30 (except December 25th)
Alpaca Barn Tours: Daily, every hour on the hour
Alpaca Walks: Daily at 10:00 & 16:00 by appointment

Tel:  Dietmar 084 793 3666


Facebook:  @TheAlpacaLoom